• Netted Letters, FYI (2018) – Presentation Open or Close

    Beyond Change - Conference (Swiss Design Research Network) (9 März 2018)

    "Beyond Change – Questioning the role of design in times of global transformations"

    Against the background of the omnipresence of the net as visual metaphor and a recent turn to cultural critique in Digital Humanities, this presentation addresses the epistemological implications of social network visualizations as implemented in digital archives of historic epistolary heritage. Reporting my current reflections in conceptualizing and designing a hybrid online platform for research collaboration and experimental narration, I stress the issue of digital potentialities in the presentation of written correspondence.

    read more at http://www.beyondchange.ch/front


    Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg (25 Apr 2018)

    Presentation at the Research Training Group 1767: Factual and Fictional Narration
    read more at http://www.grk-erzaehlen.uni-freiburg.de/english-summary/

  • Ambiguity in Contemporary Cinema (2018) – Presentation Open or Close

    Eberhard Karls University Tübingen (1 Feb 2018)

    Presentation of my dissertation at the Research Training Group 1808: Ambiguity – Production and Perception 
    read more at http://www.uni-tuebingen.de/en/research/core-research/research-training-groups/rtg-1808-ambiguity-production-and-perception.html


  • The Murmur of Actual Occasions (2017) – Research Grant "Digital Humanities" Open or Close

    German Literature Archive Marbach

    Research Grant "Digital Humanities" by MWW Research Association 

  • Ambiguity in Contemporary Cinema (2016) – Presentations and Workshops Open or Close

    Institute of Experimental Design- und Mediaculture (IXDM) at FHNW, Basel (2 Nov 2016)

    Presentation of my dissertation at the Critical Media Lab Colloquium 
    read more at https://www.ixdm.ch/ambiguity-contemporary-cinema/

    Workshop: Invited by the PhD-group, Prof. Dr. Giaco Schiesser at ZHDK in Zürich (17/18 Nov 2016)

    Extensive presentation and discussion of my dissertation and critical feedback to the artistic research projects of other participants 

  • Topological transformation in script development processes (2016) – Paper Open or Close

    International Screenwriting Research Conference 2016, Leeds UK (8-10 Sept 2016)

    This paper addresses the question of methodology at the earliest inception of story development. It draws on the Deleuzian concept of “topological transformation”, which is introduced and contextualized in order to establish a fresh perspective onto the practice of story development. The concept of topological transformation can most fruitfully be adopted, when considering a film narration as an organized magnet field of virtual images, referring to actual and past, private and public experiences with beings and/or matter. I state that the maybe not-yet-defined topic(s) as well as the not-yet-existing narration which concretizes through a complex and dynamically self-organizing process of recursions can be enhanced with the help of several non-logocentric techniques applied e.g. by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Sergio Caballero, and others.

  • Ambiguity in Contemporary Cinema. Attempts in Aviation (2015) – Dissertation (PhD) Open or Close

    The PhD dissertation on “Ambiguity in Contemporary Cinema – Attempts in Aviation” traces a prominent narrative tendency in cinema, outlining its dramaturgical potential as well as its ethical (or micropolitical) implications. In order to describe a number of typical patterns in ambiguous film narration that are operative already on the pre-conscious level of affects, I draw on concepts from the process philosophy by Alfred North Whitehead and its more recent reformulations by Gilles Deleuze and Brian Massumi. Departing from Alejandro González Iñárritu's Babel the reader gets on a virtual flight through carefully chosen film examples with a cultural anchor point in Contemporary Japan.

    Prof. Dr. Timo Skrandies, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, Germany
    Prof. Herbert Wentscher, Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany
    Prof. Thomas Bauermeister, Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany

  • Gedanken zu Anbau und Pflege von Mischkulturen auf suggestiven Feldern (2013) – Essay (German) Open or Close

    In: z. B. - Praxisbasierte Forschung in Design und Kunst. Ed. by Klapsing, Daniel et al. Weimar: Bauhaus-University Press, 2013, pp 215-223.

    This essay summarizes the development process of the multi-channel video installation Shifting Ground as well as its constant changes through different presentation contexts/exhibitions. The text was published in a conference reader on artistic research. (ISBN 978-3-86068-490-0)

  • Juggling with cultural stereotypes. The light humour of Naoko Ogigami (2011) – Article Open or Close

    In: Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema, vol 3:1, 2011, pp 45-53.

    The article breeds my personal intercultural viewing experience of Naoko Ogigami's Megane (2007) with a reader-response critical approach, considering Ogigami's playful and humorous stagings of Japanese cultural stereotypes and paradoxes as (cross-cultural) dramaturgical device. As such, in Megane they prove successful in designing the viewer's cognitive processes to an extent that in the end, the relief of our common patterns of thought induces a unique and lasting form of catharsis. The corporeal feeling of lightness remains long after the film has concluded.

    Conference: Breaking Boundaries, Leeds, UK (6 Nov 2010)

  • Practice-based Research in Art & Design (2011) – Conference organistion Open or Close

    1-3 Dez 2011, Bauhaus-University Weimar
    (Member of the project presentations committee)

    Since the 1990s, numerous art colleges and universities in Europe have established degree programmes in Artistic Research and Design Research. These programmes encourage artists and designers to develop their own epistemological and methodical approaches to concrete problems which differ from purely scientific and artistic / design approaches. In view of the different forms of these disciplines and the development of PhD programmes at various universities, it seems that interdisciplinary, hybrid forms of knowledge and their corresponding methods can neither be comprehensively depicted nor disciplinarily organized. This conference aimed at demonstrating research methods in creative processes, artistic strategies, their results and artefacts, and at discussing how they might be integrated into academic classification systems.

    more information at www.practice-based-research.com